Tao Hsieh Wu Shu


Are you looking for unique volunteer opportunities, or are not certain where your talents fit in.  Warriors for Christ (WFC), may have the opportunities that you are looking for.  We are a completely volunteer ministry as none of our instructors or administrative personnel are paid.  We have over 140 participates and are growing daily.  Our students range from small children to adults and we offer classes that are family focused, female friendly, and allow for people with special needs.

Perhaps you have thought about getting involved with WFC, but do not want to do all the "Jumpy Kicky" stuff.  You may be just what we need.

  1. Volunteer in an administrative assist role by helping to sign in students, greet new students and help with forms, print student books, and track student information, certificates, etc.
  2. Since we have many families that participate together, we need volunteers to assist with our Little Tiger's (4-7 year olds) program.  This role is predominately crowd control with assistance in basic exercise such as rolling and balance drills.

Thank you in advance, as you prayerfully consider whether you can help in these areas.  Volunteers could be late teenage to adult, and may serve for six months, a year, of indefinitely.  If you would like more information on one of these opportunities, please contact Greg Kendall.

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